Canoe Trip May 31-June 2

Over the weekend the Troop took a canoe trip on South Holston Lake. Glad to report no injuries or any (that many) overboard scouts!


We loaded our packs and water onto a pontoon boat and set course to a nice part of the lake. Starting sometime afternoon the scouts paddled out. One of us decided to take a kayak. Some beautiful scenery and an amazing attitude, it was a great first leg. As we get around our windbreak we had our first taste of the wind. The first canoe was, of course, the Master Canoeist. Then a huge pile-up of about 5 canoes and a kayak formed. We eventually got through. We made it to the camp in one piece.

Not long after our pontoon boat of supplies showed up. It brought us our tents and some high winds and waves. We had a bucket brigade of scouts and scoutmasters unloading our cargo. After tents were set and winds calmed some scouts went fishing. Hobo Packs were amazing that night! Some scouts were brought out on a small boat to check catfish lines.

Overall an amazing first day. We all had high hopes for the next day.


The first night on the lake was amazing. Saturday morning, scouts made 2 dozen eggs and 4 pounds of bacon. The Master Canoeist made sure none went to waste!

Not long after the scouts ate, we started the trip to the dam. An amazingly calm and peaceful morning. Little to no boats. We stopped at Cliff Island. Some scouts swam and others explored the island, although, no diving. Next, we were dead set on the dam. Still waters and amazing views. Pausing for some of the slower canoes to catch up from time to time. Before we got to the dam a B-29 flew over! At the dam, some scouts explored the viewing room and others used the restrooms there. We looked over the riverside of the dam and climbed in and on the old turbine. We had hot dogs, homemade brownies, cookies, and some drinks. Bellies full, scouts threw Frisbee, hiked a small trail to the top of some rocks, ate cherries and marveled over a strange bug! Not long after some last-minute restroom breaks; the scouts headed back to camp.

At camp, one patrol rode on an intertube and the other patrol swam in front of the shore. They switched after one group was done.

After scouts grew tired of swimming, some scouts went and fished for bluegills. Six or seven fish later the scouts were content and headed to camp; only to find out that our Scoutmaster caught a foot-long bass! Pasta and toasted cheese seemed to be a theme that night, along with a freshly baked cake! An amazing catfish fry later and all scouts and scout family were full. A few scouts headed back to their tents and hammocks while others stayed at the fire and talked till midnight.


Packing went well on Sunday. We loaded the boat and scouts cleaned any and all trash they found. The boat was loaded with our gear and we headed to 421 Boat Ramp. A fun, jam-packed trip was over as we unloaded the pontoon one last time. Scouts won’t be forgetting this trip anytime soon. SOHO was kind to us and we loved every moment on it!

Scout Resolutions in 2019


Its 2019! Scouting has gotten a year older. As scouts, we strive to be Eagles. Make 2019 the year to change your bad habits, the year to learn a new skill, make 2019 the year you get closer to Eagle. Whether it’s swimming or knots there’s always something holding you back.

If you can knot tie all the knots, work on a knot a week. Just like God isn’t only in church, Marriage isn’t only at the altar, knots aren’t just at the scout hall. Take 15 minutes a day and study a knot. After you get that knot down, do two next week.

Read your scouting book, read your bible, iron your uniform before meetings, tuck your shirt in. You represent Boy Scouting. Make every day in 2019 representative of God, you and Boy Scouting. Hope everyone’s 2019 goes well and is prosperous.

-Until we meet again,


Tuesday Recap 11/13/18

Hey! This week we started the meeting as per usual. The scouts then went out and played the same teamwork activity that we did last week with the staves. We got to hear one of our leaders talk about his experience of moving from Canada to America. Getting his point of view on the hardships he had to face becoming a U.S. citizen. He said that he enjoys the US, starting out as a place for work then deciding to move here. I asked him about how he feels about the safety if America and that he isn’t personally scared of anything happening to him here. He brought up about the local culture and how much he loves this area. Overall eye opening to how amazing the Holston Valley and surrounding areas are and to the fact that the Government are handling the immigration situation so well.

-Until we meet again,


Tuesday Recap 10/30/18

Happy Halloween! We opened the meeting today as usual; a good bunch of kids. We reviewed the bowline this week with good success! This weeks activity was a teamwork exercise! We all grabbed a scout stave and got in a circle. Jay would say left or right and we had to follow. Even with the occasional stick to the head it was a fun night. We listened to Clayton, our Senior Patrol Leader, talk about the history and the hardships of Bristol. He showed us pictures of the dam, the sign, and the train station. To finish the night, we reviewed some basic scout knowledge in a game of Scout Jeopardy. The Apache patrol against the Sycamore Patrol  in a neck to neck race A fun and eventful night with lots of events planned for the rest of the year!

Until we meet again,