Scout Resolutions in 2019


Its 2019! Scouting has gotten a year older. As scouts, we strive to be Eagles. Make 2019 the year to change your bad habits, the year to learn a new skill, make 2019 the year you get closer to Eagle. Whether it’s swimming or knots there’s always something holding you back.

If you can knot tie all the knots, work on a knot a week. Just like God isn’t only in church, Marriage isn’t only at the altar, knots aren’t just at the scout hall. Take 15 minutes a day and study a knot. After you get that knot down, do two next week.

Read your scouting book, read your bible, iron your uniform before meetings, tuck your shirt in. You represent Boy Scouting. Make every day in 2019 representative of God, you and Boy Scouting. Hope everyone’s 2019 goes well and is prosperous.

-Until we meet again,