Eastern Worm Snake

We were fortunate enough to spot an Eastern Worm Snake (Carphophis amoenus amoenus) at Camp Davy Crockett this year.  These are a rare sight since they spend the majority of their time underground.


River Hike

Tuesday, July 12th

Emmett Trail

We had an enjoyable Troop hike along the river on Tuesday evening.




Camp Davy Crockett – 2016

Camp Davy Crockett - 2016 - To Post-001Scouts from Troop 107 spent the week at Camp Davy Crockett getting a taste of a variety of adventure and skill-building activities including:

  • Rowing / Kayaking
  • Swimming / Snorkeling / Fishing
  • COPE – Zipline / Rappelling / High Adventure
  • Rifle / Shotgun / Archery
  • STEM & First Aid

Thanks to the incredible staff at Camp Davy Crockett for making this a fun adventure-filled week.