Eastern Worm Snake

We were fortunate enough to spot an Eastern Worm Snake (Carphophis amoenus amoenus) at Camp Davy Crockett this year.  These are a rare sight since they spend the majority of their time underground.



Camp Davy Crockett – 2016

Camp Davy Crockett - 2016 - To Post-001Scouts from Troop 107 spent the week at Camp Davy Crockett getting a taste of a variety of adventure and skill-building activities including:

  • Rowing / Kayaking
  • Swimming / Snorkeling / Fishing
  • COPE – Zipline / Rappelling / High Adventure
  • Rifle / Shotgun / Archery
  • STEM & First Aid

Thanks to the incredible staff at Camp Davy Crockett for making this a fun adventure-filled week.