Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Our troop and pack, along with other area scouts, were honored to participate in the remembrance of veteran sacrifice this Memorial Day weekend by placing American flags on more than 20,000 graves at the National Cemetery on the Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus at Mountain Home, Johnson City, TN.
Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Several of our scouts were shown in a video posted by the Johnson City Press.  One of our Webelos was quoted in the article:

“At just 9, Luke… was laying flags down for his fourth year in a row and said he was honored to be doing so. He, like his fellow Scouts, recognized the occasion as Memorial Day weekend and a chance to honor the veterans who had come before them. His mother, Susan, said the Sequoyah Council promotes the event as something the local Boy and Girl Scouts should take part in.”

2 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend 2014

  1. I would like to thank you all! I was at the cemetery visiting my sister’s (Karen Cassner, SSG US Army) grave when you arrived and the ceremony began. I live in Texas and don’t get there very often and it was coincidental that our timing was perfect. My oldest son is an Eagle Scout, so seeing you out there gave an additional dimension to the honor!! You made my day extra special!!! Thanks!

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