McAfee Knob Backpacking Trip

November 16 & 17

McAfee Knob

We hiked in the fog this weekend at McAfee Knob on a 9 mile overnight backpacking trip.  We had a great time, but the visibilty was very poor.  This just means that we will have to schedule another trip on a clearer day to see the panoramic view.  That is OK with me since it will give us another opportunity to eat at the all-you-can eat Homeplace Restaurant in Catawba, Virginia.

Bristol TN Council Meeting

November 5, 2013

Tuesday evening, Troop 107 had the privilege of opening the city council meeting with the pledge to the American Flag.


Several scouts took notes during the council meeting for work towards the Communications merit badge.   After the meeting, we met with the Mayor to discuss our Constitutional rights and our obligations as U.S. Citizens.  This satisfied First Class requirement #5.
It was a very good discussion.  We would like to thank Mayor Dolan for her time and her inspirational words.
For more information on the Bristol TN City Council, click on the link below: