Bristol TN City Council Meeting

Tuesday, March 6th

In place of our regular troop meeting, we attended the Bristol TN City Council Meeting on March 6, 2012 at 7:00pm.
We met with the Mayor, David Shumaker before the meeting and he was very welcoming.  He gave each of us a nice City of Bristol pin.
Thank you to all scouts that attended.  
The Council meeting is held once a month at the Slater Center at:
325 McDowell Street, Bristol TN
 You can watch a webcast of the meetings at the following link.

Day Hike

Saturday, February 18th

We had great weather for our 5 mile hike in the Dennis Cove area of Carter County on Saturday, Feb 18th. 

We hiked to Laurel Falls, one of the areas best waterfalls.
In the morning we had the trail to ourselves, but by early afternoon the trail got busy.
We couldn’t have asked for better hiking weather!

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