Outside Alive

Today we  joined up with the day-campers of Outside Alive at Sugar Hollow Park for a fun-filled day of recreation and team-building.  We all had an incredible time and definitely made some new friends.  Outside Alive is a fantastic program and we are so glad that we were able to participate.  A big thanks to the camp staff and our new friends for making this a memorable day for us!

Check out some of our gallery photos by clicking the image below:

Earn the Religious Emblem

Today our Scoutmaster gave a presentation to us on the Religious Emblem Program.
Here are the four steps to get started:
  • Step 1: Scouts must obtain the specific booklet for their faith.
  • Step 2: Parents must review the program guidelines.
  • Step 3: Families should talk to their church leaders and show them the booklet before beginning the program.
  • Step 4: The scout needs to complete the requirements, obtain the proper signatures, and follow the instructions to order the emblem.
For more information:
Visit P.R.A.Y’s website at
or call P.R.A.Y. at