Court of Honor

Many items were awarded at our first Court of Honor since the recent recharter.

Congratulations to the following scouts on their achievements and advancements:


  • Bryce
Boy Scout
  • Ben
  • Bryce
  • Cade
  • Dustin
  • Gavin
  • Grayson
  • Knox
  • Ryan
  • Tommy
  • Will
Merit Badges
  • Ben – Carpentry, Pathfinding, Tracking, Dentistry, Engineering
  • Bryce – Carpentry, Pathfinding
  • Cade – Carpentry
  • Dustin – Engineering, Carpentry, Pathfinding, Tracking
  • Grayson – Carpentry, Dentistry, Engineering
  • Kelly – First Aid, Engineering, Pathfinding
  • Knox – Nuclear Science, Carpentry, Pathfinding, Tracking
  • Ryan – Carpentry, Pathfinding
  • Tommy – Nuclear Science
  • Will – Carpentry, Pathfinding, Medicine

Here’s a video recap of our recent events.

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